STI mobile apps

eVMI is a mobile application which enables residents to use the most relevant services of the State Tax Inspectorate (in Lithuanian — VMI).

Download the app:


Once you download eVMI app to your smartphone, you can:

• review and submit personal income tax return, allocate support, review the details of land tax returns;
• register individual activities – acquire business certificate or receive a Certificate of Individual Economic Activity;
• review messages received from the State Tax Inspectorate (My VMI and EDS);
• check your tax balance;
• use VMI calculators;
• find information you need and non-confidential details on taxpayers as well as information required for paying taxes;
• find VMI contact details.

VMI seeks to ensure personal data security, therefore, there are three different ways to login to eVMI app:

  • Using authentication telephone code which is provided to the taxpayer after s/he signs up to My VMI system. Login code is generated the first time you go to section ‘Settings' and click on ‘Authentication by phone'. This code may be then used each time you login to mobile app eVMI.
  • Using VMI means, namely, using user login and password provided by VMI which you may receive on My VMI. Find section ‘Ask a question'. Once you pose a question ‘Regarding the Granting of User Login and Password to Sign in to EDS / My VMI / mobile app eVMI', you will be sent means to login to eVMI.
  • Using mobile signature, which is given by your mobile network operator.

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