I'm interested in corporate income tax declaration and payment (Only in Lithuanian)

Annual corporate income tax returns PLN204, PLN204A, PLN204N, PLN204U, most frequently asked questions on the procedure for completing, filing and paying tax

I am interested in declaring income and assets (Only in Lithuanian)

Declaration of income, application of income tax reliefs, declaration of assets, granting of support

Taxation issues for non residents of Lithuania

Joining the STI electronic systems, registration of individual activities in Lithuania, taxation of income received by a non-resident in Lithuania, corporate income tax liability for foreign legal persons, value added tax

I am interested in immovable property tax (Only in Lithuanian)

Calculation of immovable property tax, reliefs, rates, declaration and payment

I want to start an enterprise

Business forms, taxes and their accounting, recruitment of staff, management of powers of attorney

I start individual activity (for residents of LT)

Individual activity under an individual activity certificate, individual activity under a business certificate, comparison of individual activity under an individual activity certificate and individual activity under a business certificate

I want to avail personal income tax (PIT) reliefs (for residents of LT)

Works of finishing and repair of buildings, passenger car repair works, childcare services for minors, other reliefs

I received income abroad (for residents of LT)

Income taxation, elimination of double taxation, procedure of declaration and tax payment

I became a farmer (for residents of LT)

Registration, income and taxation thereof, allowable / non-allowable deductions, obligations, termination

I want to login to the STI electronic systems, to represent another natural person or legal entity

The logging in process, login tools and management of login rights regarding the My STI, EDS, i.MAS, MOSS, AIS, EPRIS, TIES systems

I have received income from the sale / rent of property (for residents of LT)

Income from the sale of property immovable by nature, property that is subject to mandatory registration, financial instruments, uncut forest, roundwood, other non-registrable property, waste, income from lease

I am interested in the payment of taxes and fines, my overpayments and debts

Data on the tax accounting card, overpayments, arrears, administrative fines