How to terminate representation rights in i.MAS

Rights to log in to i.MAS are granted manually (when signed-in to i.MAS) or automatically (on the basis of the data provided in the Register of Taxpayers). How the rights can be terminated depends on how the rights were granted. 

If the rights were granted manually

  • other representatives (granted the i.MAS representative administration right) may log in to i.MAS and terminate your representation. The person logged in has to select “…” next to your name and surname under i.MAS atstovai on the i.MAS menu, then select Nutraukti -> Taip.
  • After logging in as a representative, you may waive the representation rights yourself in the main i.MAS window by selecting Nustatymai -> Atstovavimo informacija -> Atsisakyti atstovavimo

If the rights were granted automatically

  • Legal entities must submit Form FR0791 (for Lithuanian legal entities)/Form FR0227 (for foreign legal entities) and update the data of the represented person (e.g. authorized by the management body, accounting officer) in the Register of Taxpayers. After successfully updating the data in Form FR0791/FR0227, the data of the represented person on i.MAS will be updated.
  • Natural persons must submit the  Form REG812. After successfully updating the data on Form REG812, the data on i.MAS will be updated. 
  • If accounting officers received the rights automatically but do not wish to represent a legal entity, they may leave a message in i.MAS about the incorrect assignment. To do so, log in to i.MAS, select the represented taxpayer, select “…” next to the taxpayer that is no longer represented -> Pranešti apie klaidingą atstovavimą, in the form that opens enter the date from which the taxpayer is no longer represented, and finally select Pranešti.

For information on how foreign nationals can become STI electronic system users/receive means of access and log in to STI electronic systems/represent another person, please see here.