How to terminate/waive representation rights in My STI

Representation rights can be terminated or blocked, and data of the representative can be changed at any time. After logging in to My STI, select Authorizations in the horizontal menu bar and select Actions, next to the selected Change representative details or Terminate representation immediately. Here you will have two options: change representative details or terminate representation immediately.

You may also submit, for the termination or adjustment of representation rights, a completed hard copy application Data on My STI representative either directly or by post to the STI Service Division*. When sending the application by post, a copy of a personal identification document certified by a notary public must be enclosed.

The appointed representative may also waive the rights of representation granted to him/her at any time. After logging in to My STI on your behalf, select Įgaliojimai in the horizontal menu bar, then select Aš atstovauju, and select

Veiksmai -> Atsisakyti atstovavimo next to the represented person.

For information on how foreign nationals can become STI electronic system users/receive means of access and log in to STI electronic systems/represent another person, please see here.

*Please note that you have to schedule an appointment in advance before your arrival to the STI Service Division. You may book your appointment online or by calling 8 5 2191 777.