Paying tax liabilities, administrative fines, other fees

Budget income collection accounts and other payment data required to make a payment, as well as payment codes, please see here.

You can pay to STI:

• through My STI system:

For visual instructions on how to make payments via My STI, please see here.

directly through electronic banking:

Information on how to create a payment order through electronic banking, can be found here.

by using the My STI system service „Mokėjimo pavedimo suformavimas“:

you can create (prepare) a payment order document, which, after printing, you can pay taxes in places where "BAR code" scanners are used. A payment document can be created for an existing tax liability by selecting it from the accounting data or after specifying your own available data. You can find the mentioned service by selecting it in the upper horizontal menu bar Paslaugos -> Mokesčių suderinimas ir grąžinimas -> Mokėjimo pavedimo suformavimas.

through institutions providing payment collection services and in their or their intermediary departments:

Upon arrival to the post offices of AB Lietuvos paštas; via the web portal of UAB „Paysera LT; at the cash desks of SOLLO, UAB intermediary MAXIMA LT; UAB „Elotus“; Upon arrival to the payment self-service terminals FOXBOX of UAB „Foxpay“; via UAB „Perlas Finance“, upon arrival to „Perlo“ terminals, Lietuvos Spauda kiosks, Narvesen-branded stores, or via „Perlas Go“ mobile app, which can be download from the App Store and Google Play, or via UAB „Viena Sąskaita

Payments for another person

If taxes, contributions, fees are paid for another natural or legal person, it is necessary to fill out the extended payment order form, specifying the identification number and name or name and surname of the original payer for whom the payment is made.

Payments for administrative fines

Administrative fines are paid in separate payments for each offense (so that the different obligations of administrative fines are counted correctly).

It is necessary to specify when paying:

  • offense identification code (ROIK) (indicated in the "Unique payment code" field of the payment order);
  • payment code 1001.

Payments from a foreign bank account

If you make a payment from a foreign bank account, and the payment order does not have separate sections for the person for whom payment is made, the payment code and other information necessary for making the payment, this information (taxpayer code and name, surname of the person for whom a payment is made, payment code, when paying administrative fine - the 11-digit offense identification code (ROIK) must be indicated in another dedicated field of the payment order (e.g. in the purpose of payment).  

Please note that in case payments are made with institutions, offices and intermediaries thereof providing collection services, taxes, levies and other fees must be paid no later than two working days prior to the payment due date of the respective liability, so that the payments received are credited to the State Tax Inspectorate budget revenue collection accounts on time.