What is OSS, AIS, EPRIS, TIES and how to log in/represent another person


  • AIS – excise information system, designed for entities transporting excise goods within the territory of the EU and affixing excise stamps to alcohol and tobacco products;
  • EPRIS – a system for accepting electronic applications, specifically applications of Lithuanian taxable persons for the refund of VAT paid in other EU Member States. Applications thereof are submitted electronically to other EU Member States via this system;
  • OSS - One Stop Shop (OSS) system, is designed to ensure the operation of three special schemes for taxable persons who provide services to non-taxable persons, or carry out intra-EU distance sales of goods, distance sales of goods imported from third teritories or third countries;
  • TIES, or Tax Information Exchange Subsystem, is a tax and related data exchange subsystem, used to submit datasets of consolidated accounts of international enterprise groups, in accordance with the Common International Reporting Standard (CRS) and Council Directive 2014/107/EU, under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Agreement (FATCA), data provided by financial market participants on personal account balances, annual account receipts and debt liabilities.
  • All systems above are accessed using My STI. To log in to the systems, first time users must grant My STI access rights to one or several systems for themselves or other authorized persons.
  • If you want to grant rights to yourself, log in to My STI, select Mano duomenys ir kontaktai on the right side of the start window -> Tvarkyti teises kitose sistemose at the bottom of the window, then choose the rights to be granted by checking the checkboxes.

    If you want to authorize another person, log in to My STI, select Įgaliojimai ->  Naujas atstovas Mano VMI -> Ieškoti, then identify the person and select Išsaugoti ir tęsti -> Teisės -> Kitų sistemų teisės, finally choose the rights to be granted for viewing data on the systems (OSS, AIS, EPRIS, TIES).

    If you want to grant the right to submit data, select Teisė teikti duomenis. Then select Išsaugoti ir tęsti- > Apibendrinimas -> Patvirtinti.

    For information on how foreign nationals can become STI electronic system users/receive means of access and log in to STI electronic systems/represent another person, please see here.