Accessing tax records

To access detailed data on the amounts of taxes returned and paid, or to view interest charged on late payments on a monthly or yearly basis, sign in to My STI, and select Ataskaitos in the top horizontal menu bar to request the desired tax record(s). 

The following accounting data records are available:

  • Import VAT report;
  • Accounting transactions report (provides details of overpayments and offsets against declared liabilities, fines, interest on arrears);
  • Interest on arrears report (provides the amount of the liability on which interest is calculated, the date from and to which the interest is calculated, the number of days of the interest, the interest rate (%), the amount of interest calculated, the interest balance, etc.);
  • Liabilities, revenue and interest report (provides taxes unpaid, contributions paid, interest calculated);
  • Tax balance report;
  • Administrative fines report (provides fines imposed, and the option for natural persons to generate a report on fines imposed, paid or unpaid).

You can find the generated report in the section Dokumentai of the My STI start window. In the section Dokumentai -> Ataskaitos , you will see the ordered report. Ordered report can be downloaded: select the desired generated report -> Parsisiųsti dokumento failą (choose the desired format).